Fun, Inspiring & Contemporary Christian Songs For Kids


We help children build a personal relationship with God using fun & easy to learn songs that relate to everyday situations. Our music wil let your children know they are never alone in Christ.


Healing Music that Warms the Heart and Heals the Soul


This collection of songs by Rod Salaysay is a treasure that will take you on a journey of faith, acceptance and recovery. Rod’s storytelling, warm vocal and feel good music is just what the doctor ordered.

Songs of Excitement, Thrill & Strategy of Poker & Texas Hold'em

This collection of songs accurately and emotionally describe the excitement, thrill & strategy involved in playing & winning one of the most popular and exciting games of chance, skill & entertainment, Texas Hold’em.

Windmar Music’s Albums

Windmar Allstars: God Is In My Heart

Upbeat, top tapping, finger snapping music for children of all ages. These original children’s Christian songs are fun and easy to learn. Click Here to listen and learn more about The Windmar Allstars.

Rod Salaysay, RN: Warms the Heart, Heals the Soul

Rod’s voice and music are like a warm house on a cold winter night or a shady cool spot on a hot summer day. So, if you or someone special is recovering from an illness, injury or just feeling low, these songs are ready to lift your spirits. Click here to listen and learn more about Rod Salaysay, RN.

The Wild Cards: Heads Up, Final Table

If you are a Texas Hold’em poker player you’ve gotta have these tunes. You’ll relate to the good, the bad and the ugly….and possibly learn to be patient. Click here to listen and learn more about The Wild Cards.